The Best Reddit Subreddits

With so many subreddits to be found on Reddit, a social news website where users can vote on links, it can be hard to find subreddits that provide a combination of an active community and content. Here is a list of our favorite subreddits sorted by topic, be sure to comment with your favorite subreddit.

We’ve split the list into categories, so you can find subreddits related to your interests. Subreddits that contain a good list of links to other related subreddits are labelled [core], check in the sidebar on the relevant subreddit for their recommendations.

  • 2 - Issues and News
  • 3 - Science and Technology
  • 4 - Ethics and Social Sciences
  • 5 - Memes
  • 6 - Sport and Living
  • 7 - Questions and Answers
  • 8 - Arts, Music and Entertainment
  • 9 - Facts

Issues and News


DepthHub is where you’ll find in-depth discussions from different subreddits complied onto the one page. Most submissions link to specific threads with insightful comments.


Take a close look at issues with photo essays such as the Guardian’s feature on Fukushima.


Described by the moderators as “dedicated to fleshing out the historical, political and cultural context of current events.” World Events aims to be more comprehensive than what traditional media organizations normally cover.

worldnews [core]

Major news, mostly from large media companies, with often informative comments from Redditors.

Other popular selections:


Science and Technology


News and discussion for information security often with breaking news related to exploitations and bugs.

Technology [core]

Everything in technology is covered here mostly with editorials and news articles.

Inkscape [new subreddit]

Learn to use Inkscape, an SVG program, with tutorials and tips from fellow Redditors.


Another big subreddit covering everything in Science. However a good list of specific subreddits related to science can be found in the sidebar.


Learn about best practice when designing websites, how to deal with clients and using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Other popular selections:

Ethics and Social Sciences


From greedy international corporations and banks behaving badly and even a spotlight on the rare person, this subreddit highlights examples of bad practice.


This subreddit ventures to, what they call, the “art and science of human manipulation and social hacking” with submissions about deception and creating change using this.


This branch of the social sciences is related the production, consumption and distribution of goods and services. Submissions are mostly based in the United States with news, analysis and studies.

Memes and Humor


Perhaps, one of the most well-known subreddits FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU or shorten to F7U12 features comics that anyone can draw using a collection of meme faces as seen in Dan’s Rage Comic Maker.

Rage Novels

If you just can’t get enough of the F7U12 comics, Rage Novels has longer comics which can have a storyline and often have a longer set-up to a joke.


Advice Animals follow an easy format: one picture of a meme and then a joke in text. Memes such as the “socially awkward penguin" who represents those who dislike social interaction as a penguin.

Other popular selections:


Sports [core]



Food [core]

Contains links to other subreddits for food in the sidebar. Mostly contains pictures of foods and the latest news.


Share tips such as resources for cooking and recipes for making food.

Frugal Living

Learn to reduce waste with helpful tips and simple ways of saving money.


Need to learn how to make something yourself? Here is a great place to start with instructional submissions from Redditors.


Self-improvement ideas for each week such as a 24-hour e-media fast or to read a book for 30-60 minutes every day.

Questions and Answers


Users help guide those who want to learn about a specific topic with hints, comments and other resources that may help the original poster and readers learn new skills.

AskReddit [core]

A place for “thought-provoking, inspired questions”, and sometimes questions that are embarrassing with answers of personal stories and experiences.


People accept questions from the Reddit community. For example, the Google Docs team who answered questions from users on their product.

Other popular selections:

Arts and Photography

Photography [core]

Discuss and learn about techniques used in photography.


As you would expect, Anime has Anime fan-art and discussions of popular Anime shows as well as the occasional news or video.

Art [core]

For inspiration and many pieces of art submitted by other Redditors.

Movies and Music

Tip Of My Tongue

Forgot what the name of something that is continually stuck in your head? Tip of my Tongue uses your hint to help name what you’re thinking about.

Music [core]

This core subreddit includes links to music that Redditors have posted as well as links to popular subreddits.


Featuring both new and old music that is “often unheard and neglected to new ears.”

Other popular selections:


Today I Learned (TIL)

Fun facts such as the fact you canĀ  press 1, 2, 3 to jump to different sections of a YouTube clip or that most people outside Finland don’t know about the dish draining closet.

You Should Know (YSK)

Described as “share obscure things that most people should already be aware of, but aren’t”, some of the all-time top posts include why you shouldn’t trust webpage screenshots and how to better how to pack a suitcase.


Lifehacks such as how to clear a stuffy nose and pre-flight entertainment tips.